Matlab Classroom

A low-cost Classroom Concurrent agreement allows additional concurrent users from university-owned computers in designated learning labs. This lets us meet periodic short term high demand for certain products in instructional lab and tutorial like settings in a cost effective manner.

Matlab is installed in many learning labs across campus including:

BEC	160, 170, 172, 180, 317
Cle	A030, A031, A102, A105, A108
ECS	242, 250, 258, 266, 342, 348, 354
ELW	B203, B215, B220, B228, B238, B326
HSD	A131, A150, A160, A170
MAC	A222, D211, D282
MCK	070
SCI	B120
and available to students with access to those rooms. Use for research, or by faculty and staff beyond course preparation and instruction is not permitted.

Usage is recorded and at the end of the year units are charged a share of the small annual licensing maintenance fee which entitle us to software updates and technical support.

In 2019 from these labs there were approximately 10,800 invocations and 17,300 key-hours of use by about 4200 different user@host ids of just the base MATLAB package with peaks of 76 concurrently. There were another 3100 invocations and 4700 key-hours of the seven current toolboxes.

Please contact gduncan if you are interested in designating additional labs or wish to add additional products or quantity.

Available products

Users in these labs have access to the products and license keys listed below, as well as those listed under our Academic Concurrent agreement.

Qty Code Product

Current Products

 10  SM  Simulink

 25  CF  Curve Fitting Toolbox
 25  MG  Mapping Toolbox
 10  ME  MATLAB Coder
 10  RT  Simulink Coder
 25  ST  Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
 25  SM  Symbolic Math Toolbox

Lapsed R2012b or earlier Products

 50  CT  Control System Toolbox
 50  MS  SimMechanics
 50  SS  Simscape